Bulletin for April 30th, 2017

Bulletin for April 30th, 2017

Welcome to Community Church! Our series of messages are focusing on Building Blocks Of Our Faith which will help us reflect on how we grow in our relationship with God through our faith in Jesus. Our theme today is I BELONG and how important that truth is in our relationship with Him. Pastor Dave will be taking us deeper in our study of this at tonight’s worship service. May God bless our worship times today!

– Kathy D. passed away this past Thursday. Our sympathy is extended to her family and friends. Let’s remember them in prayer as they mourn her passing and celebrate her life.
Visitation with family is scheduled for 5-7 PM at Oakwood CRC in Belding today (Sunday April 30). The funeral service will be held at Oakwood CRC at 11 AM on Monday. Oakwood CRC, 8750 Storey Rd, Belding, MI 48809
– Let’s lift Gloria D. in prayer as she has been in the hospital. May our Lord bless her with healing, strength and comfort.

Thank-You to Tamra P. and everyone who helped with and supported the SpringCraft Fair. Funds raised from table/space reservations has been donated to our Loan Reduction Fund. Praise God for the leadership, work put into and success of the event.

Sub Sale Fundraiser: Everyone is asked to help sell subs to support our parking lot (mistakenly stated in last week’s bulleting that funds would support our softball team). Order information was placed in church mailboxes last week; additional sheets are available in the lobby. Please remember to TURN IN your order sheet & money to Dennis H. next Sunday, May 7 before, between and after morning worship services.
                     Please collect money due at the time you accept orders; checks may be made out to Community CRC.
                     Order sheets & money must be turned in to Dennis Howe on Sunday May 7 before, between, and after morning services.
                     Orders will be ready for pick-up & distribution on Thursday, May 18 at 5:30 PM.
If you have questions please speak with Dennis H. Thank you in advance for your help and support.

Senior Outing: May 3rd Community’s Seniors will be going to Holland to see the Tulips! The group will meet at church and leave at 10:30 AM. On the way back they will stop for lunch; please note each person is responsible for the cost of their meal. A sign-up sheet is located in the lobby for those who desire to attend. If you have any questions you may speak with Pat Bl.

Need a rise to church, the doctor, or pharmacy? If yes, perhaps church volunteers can help! If you need a ride please contact Pat Bl.

Facility Reservations: The church facility may be rented for a small fee (Godwin Room is $40 for members/regular attendees or $75 for non-members; Sanctuary is $60 for members/regular members or $126 for non-members). If you would like to reserve the church for your event this spring or summer please submit your request to the church office. Dates fill up quickly, so reserve early!

Please pray for the persecuted: Weng, a 3 week old infant, was rescued from his burning house after Fulani Muslims killed all nine members of his family. Weng’s feet were severely damaged in the fire. When he was three years old a prosthetics team designed custom shoes for him that would expand as his feet grew. The prosthetics team is supported by the Voice of Martyrs Fund which provides help and healing for wounded persecuted Christians. Give thanks to God for ministries that reach to make such a difference in the lives of so many!

Christopher Swanson

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