Bulletin for November 12th, 2017

Bulletin for November 12th, 2017

Welcome to Community Church! Today, Pastor Ezra will lead us to thank God who brought us His personal, pervasive, persistent and perfect salvation by His grace. There will be an opportunity to bring items to the front of the sanctuary for Thanksgiving baskets. If you have donations but forgot them today, you may bring them in next Sunday.                          Pastor Ezra will go deeper into the study of the book of Titus at our evening service. May the Spirit work in giving us hearts of thanksgiving today as we worship Him!

Reminder: Thanksgiving Day Worship Service on Thursday, November 23 at 10 AM. There’s no better way to celebrate Thanksgiving Day than coming to church for our Thanksgiving Day worship service. Plan on attending this special time of worship.

First Quarter Financial Statements are available on the table in the lobby! We are thankful for the giving over the past month which has reduced our deficit to about $600. If you have questions, see Pastor Dave or one of the deacons.

Book Sale: Pastor Dave will be getting rid of some of his extra books this coming week at church in the lobby. A good assortment of books – many that can help you or others grow spiritually or personally. Each book is $1 unless otherwise marked. The honor system is in place…if you have questions, see Pastor Dave.

Post High and Twenty Somethings are invited to a GYM NIGHT on Tues., Nov. 21 at North Godwin Elementary at 6:30 PM.

South Godwin Accociation Meeting: SGNA will meet in the church sanctuary on Thursday, November 16 at 6:30 PM. All adults that live within the church neighborhood are encouraged to come for this meeting which discusses concerns, thanksgivings and neighborhood events, and enjoy a pizza supper.

Pray For The Persecuted: In a prison cell, a pastor taught and encouraged a young man about Christ for four days. When the pastor was transferred to another cell the young man cried out, “What will I do without you?” The pastor replied, “Are you along? Who is in you? Hold on to Jesus, you are not alone.” Let’s remember those imprisoned for their faith that they would stand firm and hold on to Jesus, remembering His promises and benefits.


Church Christmas Party on Saturday evening, December 9th Potluck dinner, fellowship and fun!

  • You have God-Given Talent….Will You Demonstrate it for us?
    The Fellowship Team is wondering if there is enough interest by the church family to have a Christmas Party Talent Show. Reflect on your gifts; can you play a musical instrument? Sing? Dance? Put together a brief skit and act? Are there others within the church family that can perform with you? Perhaps you have another talent. If you have a talent you would like to share at a Christmas Party Talent Show please speak with Karen M. or Michelle V. no later than Sunday November 19. The team will meet after that date to decide if enough people are willing to share their talent.

Friendly Reminder From The Nursery Committee:

  • First and foremost, thank you to all who have volunteered this year in nursery. We have seen an increase in attendance, what a blessing!
  • IF you cannot attend nursery at a certain service, please find a substitute or switch with someone. Then please let Dawn know.
  • Nursery is for ages 4 and under-PLEASE respect this condition. Thank you.
  • We can still use more volunteers for the 11:30 a.m. service. Even once a season is very appreciated! Contact Deb D or Kay V to be added.
  • If you use the nursery during the week, PLEASE respectfully clean it up so the next group using it finds it inviting. Thank you!!

Christopher Swanson

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