Bulletin for September 17th, 2017

Bulletin for September 17th, 2017

Welcome To Community Church! We continue our study of Habakkuk seeing the importance of faith when we face challenges in our lives. We also welcome Elizabeth K. to our church as our Community Resource Coordinator as she introduces ways that she can be of help in our church and neighborhood. This evening, Pastor Dave goes deeper in our study of Habakkuk 2 at our small group worship service. May God bless our worship times today.

Always Reforming 30 Day Devotional: Men and women throughout the churches of Classis Grand Rapids South have created this devotional to celebrate 500 years of reformation. Starts Sunday October 1. You can get it online at: OneFaithManyFaces.org/always-reforming or in printed form next week from the table in the lobby.

Projection System Update: Thank you to Peter and Dave Gootjes for getting and hooking up the video screens in our sanctuary. This is part of improving our projection system for Sunday services. More work needs to be done to make them operable and we look forward to utilizing them in the coming weeks.

PASTOR EZRA on vacation for next two weeks. He will return to the church office on Tuesday, October 2. If you have a need while he is away, please connect with Pastor Dave or a council member (deacon for a benevolence need or elder for other concern).

– Rick R. remains in the critical care unit at Saint Mary’s Hospital. He has experienced some improvement in the area of movement, however, there is a concern of pneumonia. Let’s continue to lift him in prayer for continued healing and physical comfort. Let’s also remember Rick’s family in prayer.
– Pastor Matthew P. had a successful surgery this past week to alleviate an abdominal concern. Let’s lift him in prayer as he continues his recovery in the hospital that his body may experience a complete and quick healing.
– Directory Update: Debra K. email is incorrect in your directory. Please cross it out & note the correct address

Pray For The Persecuted: In North Korea being a Christian can lead to imprisonment and death. Pray for creative ways to get His Word into N. Korea and that ministry efforts will remain unseen by government authorities. Pray that Christians would have the courage to continue to share the Gospel and that God would open doors so they may do safely. And pray for salvation for new Christians and that they may join others in boldly share the Word of the Lord.

Christopher Swanson

** FOR SUPPORT RELATED ISSUES ON COMMUNITYCHURCH.ORG PLEASE EMAIL [email protected] ** Nothing much to say except that I am the Website Developer for Community Christian Reformed Church and handle several aspects for worship services and practices.

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