February 19th, 2017 Bulletin

February 19th, 2017 Bulletin

Welcome to Community Church! We are continuing our
study of I Peter: Following In His Steps with the reading of 1
Peter as our message today.
Thank-you to everyone who has 
volunteered to read today and if you can be prepared to come forward unannounced to read the passage that you signed up with, it will help the reading to flow smoothly.

This evening, Pastor Dave will get us started on studying I Peter 4
which we will also be looking at next Sunday if you want to read
ahead. May God bless our worship times today!

Church Family Picture Board Update: If you do not
currently have a picture posted on the board or would like to have your
family’s picture updated, please email a digital picture to
[email protected] or submit a printed picture to the church
office (Secretary’s mailbox is located in the Copy Room).

THUGS 30 Hour Famine: This Friday and Saturday, Feb 24 and
25 our high school youth group, THUGS, will be participating in
World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine and will not be eating from Friday at
5:00 PM through Saturday at 11:00 PM to raise money for world
hunger. If you are able to make a pledge to support their effort, a signup
sheet can be found on the table in the lobby. Next week’s second
offering will go to support World Vision and their ministry. Please pray
for God’s blessings upon our high schoolers as they participate in this

February Mobile Food Truck: February 25 at 10 AM;
Registration 8-10 AM. This ministry is for anyone who is experiencing
a hardship and could use a little help. Items on the truck vary from
month to month but generally include vegetables, dairy products, and
baked goods. If you know of a family that may benefit from this
ministry, please take a few moments to let them know about Saturday’s
Mobile Food Truck.

Community’s Emergency Food Pantry will be open Tuesdays from 7-8 PM & Wednesdays from 1-2 PM. We ask that if you need emergency food assistance you call the church office and make an appointment during those times, or just
come by the new food pantry during those times.

BoxTop$ For North Godwin Ministry: Clip & save BoxTop$ for Education labels and leave them in the box on the table in the lobby.

Is God Calling You To Grow In The Area of Prayer? A group from Community Church will be attending the strategic renewal prayer conference; at The Chicago Tabernacle, Chicago IL – March 28. More information about Strategic Renewal is available on the table in the lobby. If you have
further questions or would like to sign up to attend, please speak with
Pastor Dave.

Please pray for the persecuted: John, the son of a
Taliban leader, met Jesus in a vision. As a result he lost his family, his
wealth and his son. Along with his wife, Mary, they endured
immense suffering. John was imprisoned and tortured for 18 months in
a bunker in his father’s home. Today they are living in another country
and have another son. John says, “Every second I work for God, I want
more people to see Jesus. God said that he made many houses in
Heaven, he needs people in them.”

Iron Sharpens Iron 2017: National Men’s one-day equipping
conference for men ages 13 and older, at Brookside CRC (3600
Kalamazoo Ave SE) on Saturday, March 11 from 8:30 AM to 4:55 PM.
ISI offers sixteen different equipping seminars to choose from (see info
on the table in the lobby). Group discounts are available for a group of
10 or more registering together. If you are interested in attending,
please speak with Rick Robinson.

Dare To Be Conference for Women of all ages at Kentwood
Community Church on Thursday, March 2, 7-10 PM. Natalie Grant
and Charlotte Gambill prayerfully sculpt the night around worship, and
two full Bible teaching sessions. Tickets are $17/general admission for
groups of 10 or more. Speak to Janice Plowman if you have questions
or to pay your admission if you plan to attend.

Christopher Swanson

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