Adding media to your article

Maybe you want to add a picture or two to your article, no problem! Uploading an image to the website takes less than thirty seconds. NOTE: If you plan on uploading ten or more pictures consider creating a gallery instead.


STEP ONE: Click on the ‘Add Media‘ next to the ‘Add Slider’

STEP TWO: A popup will appear asking you to drop files anywhere to upload or select files. Simply drag your image from desktop/folder and release or select your file from the additional popup and click open. If you previously uploaded an image or would like to use one of ours click on the media gallery.

At this point things will become a little bit tricky and we recommend that you read the article entitledCreating a table‘. You may want to wait before proceeding to step three unless you don’t care about the positioning.

STEP THREE: Once you have your image selected (blue checkmark) click on Insert Into Post.

STEP FOUR: Continue with your article and click on publish once you are ready.


If you want to add a song to your article make sure that it’s the official video on YouTube (Usually the band name followed by Vevo) or from www.vevo.com. Our Terms of Service through our host allows us to share videos, but it is a sticky situation with YouTube. YouTube allows embedding so long as the video is not copyright infringement and the channel allowed embedding.

STEP ONE: Once you find the video that you would like to use copy the url address or click on share and copy the url address bar in the text box. For Vevo.com click on share and copy the url.

STEP TWO: Click on the Toolbar Toggle if the third formatting navigation bar is not showing. Click on the last icon that says insert/edit video.

STEP THREE: In the source box paste the URL address and click on okay. You will not be able to watch or preview the video until you click on publish.

STEP FOUR (optional): If you are not happy with the dimensions of the YouTube video click on insert/edit video and look at the dimensions and supply a number for both text boxes (example: 960 x 720)

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