Q & A

Website Maintenance

To provide the best performance and quality our website will go through brief periods of downtime each week for planned maintenance. While we are performing maintenance visitors, members, and staff will be unable to access our website. To prevent unexpected interruption of service an orange banner will appear on top of the website informing our members. (Usually the day before). Note: there may be times that emergency maintenance is required without prior notice. When maintenance is completed the orange banner will link to the changelog.

Planned maintenance times

  • Tuesday’s at 1:30PM-2:00PM
  • Friday’s at 9:00PM-11:00PM

What happens during maintenance?

  • Upgrades, testing, configuring, removal, and installations to the backend such as plugins, coding, themes, and achieving backups
  • Adding, removing, and/or modifying existing content to the website
  • etc

Why is the website taken offline?

Simply put it we do not want visitors, members, or staff to watch drastic websites to the website in real time in the event that we accidently push the big red button and break the website. There are other reasons, but that is the primary.

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