I was a vendor at the craft show that was at this church awesome!
Never felt more love and warmth from any church as I have from Community! It's now a church of wealth by any means, but it is very rich in love and compassion for others.
Julie M.
I am proud to be part of such a wonderful caring community church, it's made such a good impact on my son's and my life
Johanna R.
Very nice church! Everyone greeted me and felt like a family member. Enjoyed the service the regular pastor was away but his sub was good. After the service was also welcomed by the congregation really enjoyed myself thanks for inviting me Nikki!
David N.
Love my church family and there is no judging other just all love just the way god wants it to be.
Jason T.
Absolutely love this church and all the wonderful people who go there.
Linda H.
I enjoy my time I spend there..I am greatful for what the congregation along with Pastor Dave and Pastor Ezra has done for my family during times of grief and sadness experienced several months back. I feel at home attending church services here even though I was baptised and belonged to the Lutheran Church for part of my life.
Ken K.
Love this church the preacher n the family that I've gained
Lurel G.
I love reading the post and the video and evening seeing myself online in the video. Great job to everyone and I am really trying to get closer to God, this church has helped me in more ways then I can say. Pastor Dave is a great leader and knows what to say in his sermons and to the people who he get in contact with.
Christine K.
Feels like home !! I have went to plenty of different Churches never had this feeling and it's great ... And it's a yearning for more ,and to be honest I must say the Pastor explains things even a under grad like me can understand: tools are great and they provide .So full of Joy
Michelle H.
What a friendly place to be. Everyone feels like family....
Tanya C.
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