Writers Corner

Prayer of Repentance

God, You are my God.
You caused me to be born in this place and time; You chose my parents, my school, my church.
You know the greatest love or kindness or sacrifice I will ever do…

You know the greatest selfishness or sin or failure that I will ever do.
You know all these things but you continue to draw me to yourself.
Because your love and your plan do not originate from my actions:
Rather your love and your plans are based on your own counsel and will.
Oh God my God, I have failed you.
I have failed to follow your call.
I have failed in my marriage and family.
I have failed to love and to make godly and righteous choices.
I have no goodness or righteousness on which I can ask for you favor or forgiveness or blessing.
Yet I do.
Oh God, let your plans, the plans that involve me, succeed and bring you glory.
Let your sacrifice and mercy not be in vain, but show in me how great a transformation
You are able to make in one timid soul.
Oh God, I fear I am ever learning but not coming to the knowledge of the truth.
Your word is truth. Jesus Christ is truth personified. Let God be true though every man is a liar.
Oh Lord let your truth wash me, heal me, fill me, remake me in your own image.
Father of comfort and God of all mercy, I believe in you. I believe in Jesus Christ and
His sacrificial death and resurrection. You alone are my only hope.
If you do not deliver me, I will not be delivered. If you do not preserve me, I will not be preserved.
And you will deliver and preserve me, and when this life is done, receive me into your presence.
God, you alone are my only savior, my only hope. Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me.

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